Best Mini-Vacations – here’s what we did

Nothing better than a full sail

We Did It. Did you ever think about what are the best mini-vacations – here’s what we did? Some time ago I wrote an article entitled “what is a mini-vacation” and I had mentioned we would be taking 3 of our grandchildren on a sailing adventure. We accomplished that goal and I thought it was … Read more

Honeymoon Period Type 1 Diabetes

Honeymoon Period Type 1 Diabetes - heart in sand

The “Honeymoon Period Type 1 Diabetes” can be a very confusing time for new Type 1 Diabetics and their caregivers. What doctors call the “Honeymoon Period” occurs when a person is first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and they begin taking insulin. Their blood glucose levels can remain near normal and their symptoms may disappear. … Read more

What’s Hyperglycemia

What's Hyperglycemia - child

Controlling blood glucose (sugar) levels is key in any Diabetes Management Plan and that is why it is important to fully understand What’s Hyperglycemia and know how to treat it. Wikipedia explains hyperglycemia as a condition in which an excessive amount of glucose (sugar) circulates the plasma. Hyperglycemia can be very serious and is a … Read more

What is Severe Hypoglycemia

What is Severe Hypoglycemia - tester

It became extremely important to learn “what is severe hypoglycemia”, how to recognize it, and ultimately how to treat it when our young grandson was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. We discovered that by frequent monitoring of blood glucose levels, “lows” can be treated before they become severe. We also became painfully aware of just … Read more