Can Diabetes Cause Brain Damage?

Alzheimer`s disease dementia

Can diabetes cause brain damage? We all know that diabetes is full of highs and lows and it can have a significant damaging effect on the body. What about the brain? How does that roller coaster of blood sugars that is diabetes affect our brain?   I remember one time when visiting my parents, my … Read more

What Is The Immune System And What Does It Do?

white blood cells

What is the immune and how does it work became important to me when our son and young grandson both developed autoimmune disorders. Our son was diagnosed with Celiac disease and our grandson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I became very curious about both of these diseases. Once I learned they were autoimmune disorders … Read more

Is There A Difference Between Anxiety And Depression?


Today we will discover the answer to the question “Is there a difference between anxiety and depression?” The reality is that we frequently hear both of these terms. Sometimes we hear them together. Other times only one or the other of these terms. I believe I have even heard them used interchangeably and wasn’t entirely … Read more

Vegetable Gardening In Canada

vegetable-gardening-in-canada-vegetable-garden- row of onions in garden

What does vegetable gardening in Canada have to do with grandparenting a type 1 diabetic? Plenty. Let me explain. I have mentioned in several previous posts that a healthy, well-balanced, vegetable-rich diet is an important part of diabetes management. So why not grow your own veggies, they taste so much fresher than supermarket veggies and … Read more

Treatment Of Caregiver Burnout

I spent several years working in Palliative care in a nursing home setting and am fully aware that caregiver burnout is real which is why understanding the treatment of caregiver burnout is so important. Prevention is always best but knowing what to do if you recognize symptoms of caregiver burnout is important. Since our grandson … Read more

What Is The Difference Between A Vegan And Vegetarian Diet?


This is the second article in response to a reader’s question about a diabetic’s diet, you can check out the first article entitles “What is a no-carb diet plan?” at your leisure. Today we will learn what is the difference between a vegan and vegetarian diet and whether this would be a safe alternative for … Read more

How Can Stress Affect Your Health?


How can stress affect your health? We know that some stress can be beneficial. It can be exciting, motivating, keep us alert and able to avoid danger. At what point can stress become a danger? How do we know when we are facing too much stress? Are there different types of stress? Does stress affect … Read more