The History of Diabetes Treatment

the history of diabetes treatment

I set out to learn the history of diabetes treatment and was absolutely shocked when I discovered the life-saving treatment my grandson receives is less than a hundred years old. It is important to realize that until 1922, insulin had not yet been discovered so a diagnosis of diabetes was pretty much a death sentence. … Read more

Thanksgiving and Diabetes

Thanksgiving and diabetes

With the arrival of October comes the necessity to discuss Thanksgiving and diabetes. I know our American friends don’t celebrate Thanksgiving until November but in Canada, we will be feasting on turkey dinner this coming weekend. I just love all the preparations, the baking and cooking certainly fill the house with the most amazing, mouth-watering … Read more

Diabetes and Stem Cell Research

Diabetes and Stem Cell Research

Is there a link between diabetes and stem cell research? We know millions of people worldwide suffer from diabetes and that there is no cure. Proper management of diabetes requires a delicate balance of diet, exercise, and insulin injections or other diabetes medications. Currently, scientists and doctors all over the world are conducting stem cell … Read more