What’s a D bag? – What life-saving items do you carry?

D-Bags for 1st day of school

Until our grandson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes we were completely unaware of what’s a D bag let alone what may be in one. First, let me clarify that I don’t in any way mean the slang version of a d-bag meaning dirtbag. I am referring to a Diabetes bag and anyone who has type … Read more

Can Diabetes Cause Brain Damage?

Alzheimer`s disease dementia

Can diabetes cause brain damage? We all know that diabetes is full of highs and lows and it can have a significant damaging effect on the body. What about the brain? How does that roller coaster of blood sugars that is diabetes affect our brain?   I remember one time when visiting my parents, my … Read more

What Is Childhood Diabetes?

What is childhood diabetes- diabetes testing supplies

I know, I know. Yes, this is another article about type 1 diabetes. That is because this is such an important topic and there are still so many people who don’t understand what is childhood diabetes as it used to be called. I very clearly remember the day our grandson, Alex, was diagnosed with type … Read more

What Is Type 1 Diabetes treatment?

diabetic supplies

In this article, we will learn what is type 1 diabetes treatment. Why? Because until our grandson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, I wasn’t aware that there were different types of diabetes let alone the fact that there are different treatments for each. I figured that if I wasn’t aware of this, in spite … Read more

Diabetes and Spring

spring blossoms

Diabetes and spring, two words that don’t seem to go together. I believe that with spring just a few weeks away it is the perfect time to re-evaluate your diabetes management plan. We will soon be approaching the two-year mark since our grandson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and we have noticed that Alex’s … Read more

What Is The Link Between Obesity And Type 2 Diabetes?


Have you noticed that in recent years there seem to be two very prevalent epidemics affecting the world on a global level? I am specifically referring to type 2 diabetes and obesity. So what is the link between obesity and type 2 diabetes? When I think about my mother, I realize she had a whole host … Read more