What Is The Link Between Obesity And Type 2 Diabetes?


Have you noticed that in recent years there seem to be two very prevalent epidemics affecting the world on a global level? I am specifically referring to type 2 diabetes and obesity. So what is the link between obesity and type 2 diabetes? When I think about my mother, I realize she had a whole host … Read more

How are Pesticides Harmful

how are pesticides harmful - plane spraying crop field

Most of us are aware that there is heavy pesticide use in commercially grown food but do we understand how are pesticides harmful? So just how are pesticides harmful? What health problems can arise? What can we do to protect ourselves and our loved ones? Last year when our grandson was diagnosed with type 1 … Read more

Diabetes and Marijuana

Diabetes and Marijuana - plant

Diabetes and Marijuana is a very controversial topic mainly because of the varied legalities depending on your place of residence. While some studies have been done their results are not yet conclusive as to the long-term safety of marijuana and diabetes. Here in Canada, marijuana has recently been used successfully in the treatment of various … Read more

What Does Pre-diabetes Mean

type 1 diabetes complications- finger poke

What does Pre-diabetes mean, I’ve heard of it but don’t understand what it is. According to the Webster dictionary, pre-diabetes is a condition in which the blood glucose levels are elevated but not high enough for a diabetes diagnosis. People who are diagnosed with pre-diabetes have an increased risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes as … Read more