What is Ketotic Hypoglycemia?


What is Ketotic Hypoglycemia? Imagine waking to find your 2-year-old child shaking and sweating. She starts vomiting and refusing to eat. Sounds pretty scary and yet some parents are all too familiar with this scene. This scenario plays out frequently and the parents know they need to get sugar-rich drinks into their child immediately in … Read more

What is Somogyi Effect?


As a diabetic or diabetic caregiver do you understand what is Somogyi Effect? I hadn’t heard of it either until recently. During the summer we had taken three of our grandchildren on our sailboat for a 3-day adventure. We had a lot of fun but it was complicated by the fact that our grandson (5-years-old … Read more

What is Nocturnal Hypoglycemia?

What is Nocturnal Hypoglycemia- night time low blood sugar

Having a diabetic grandson who sometimes spends the night with us we found it important to understand what is nocturnal hypoglycemia and learn what to do should it occur. The first thing to understand is that nocturnal (night time)hypoglycemia is something that can happen to anyone who has diabetes. It occurs more frequently in type … Read more