The Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook Review, Product Overview

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Product – The Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook

Price – $37.00

Where to Buy – Click here to purchase. (not sold in stores)

Guarantee – They have this awesome 60-day guarantee.

My Rating – 9.5 out of 10

The Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook, Product Overview

Even though this website is focusing on Type 1 Diabetes it is worth mentioning that my mother had Type 2 and I recall her struggle to find recipes that tasted somewhat edible.

Through much of my own research, I discovered a lot of those same old recipes re-purposed in new books but they still tasted like cardboard. That clearly wouldn’t work with a picky five-year-old.

When I came across “The Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook” I was ecstatic because it can’t be purchased in stores and the author is a diabetic herself.The Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook Review, Product Overview

Finally, a cookbook with tasty recipes for the whole family to enjoy that was safe for all diabetics whether they were Type 1, Type 2, or Gestational.

I love the fact that this is an e-book rather than a bound version because that meant I had immediate access to all these wonderful recipes rather than having to wait several days or even a week while it shipped.

When it comes to feeding a hungry Type 1 Diabetic you want results NOW.

This book is delivered above and beyond my expectations.

What It Contains

The Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook contains over 250 recipes to make meal planning so much easier. There is everything you can imagine.

Tasty things like savoury soups and stews, fresh salads and veggie combos, chicken fish and meat recipes to keep you warm and full. Lots of delectable pasta dishes, snacks, hot and cold beverages, and even desserts.

There are even helpful tips to convert old favourite recipes into diabetic recipes.

The Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook doesn’t contain recipes that just sound good; it is filled with meal after meal that will make everybody in your family happy!

The recipes are simple enough that even the beginner cook can create savoury, mouth-watering tasty meals with very little effort.

Yes It’s Expensive

At $37.00 I find it a bit expensive, but at the same time, I have spent way more than that trying other books and recipes that tasted like cardboard. The fact that these recipes are actually tasty makes the price worth every penny in my opinion. Plus they also offer several bonuses which are also full of great information.


It totally surprised me that they offer incredible, helpful bonuses as well.

When you order your copy of “The Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook” you will also receive

  • “177 Ways To Burn Calories Safely For Diabetics”
  • “Insiders Guide To Living With Diabetes “
  • “The Diabetics Guide To Lowering Your Cholesterol”

Each of these bonuses is valuable in itself. Every bit of information we can gather to make this Type 1 Diabetes journey easier is certainly welcome.


They offer a 60-day guarantee which in my opinion is plenty of time to try out several recipes and see for yourself how tasty they really are.


The Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook is a welcome addition to my daily life. The recipes are easy to make, and the meals created are so tasty that I don’t wait for my grandson to be here to make them. My husband and I are eating healthier which is an absolutely unexpected bonus. If you are tired of cardboard-tasting diabetic recipes then I strongly recommend getting a copy of “The Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook” and enjoy creating great tasting meals again.

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