Vegetable Gardening In Canada

vegetable-gardening-in-canada-vegetable-garden- row of onions in garden

What does vegetable gardening in Canada have to do with grandparenting a type 1 diabetic? Plenty. Let me explain. I have mentioned in several previous posts that a healthy, well-balanced, vegetable-rich diet is an important part of diabetes management. So why not grow your own veggies, they taste so much fresher than supermarket veggies and … Read more

What’s the Difference between Hydroponics and Aquaponics?

What's the Difference between Hydroponics and Aquaponics - hydroponic system

Canadians are faced with a serious dilemma when it comes to growing vegetables. A short growing season has always been the culprit until the technology of hydroponics and aquaponics came to the rescue. Let’s examine what’s the difference between the hydroponics and aquaponics systems used today. As a vegetable gardener who is only too familiar … Read more