Hobbies For Women Over 50

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Ever since I retired I took particular on the importance of hobbies for women over 50.

Seriously though, we need to fill up our days with something now that we are no longer commuting to work.

This gives us plenty of both time and energy to pursue the things that interest us.

What a glorious time of life to be able to do what we want without the time restraints of jobs or raising a family.

While not all of us retire as young as 50,  most of us are done with the hectic schedule of raising kids.

We now find ourselves with time on our hands and we need to fill it with activities we love that can both help keep our bodies active and our minds sharp as we enter this next phase of our lives.

Some of us have grandkids and it is great fun to have them over, but the business of raising them is not ours.

We have earned the right to enjoy the fun with the little ones without the day to day responsibility which frees up a lot of time.

What are hobbies?


Wikipedia describes a hobby as “any regular activity that is done for enjoyment, during leisure time, not professionally and not for pay.”

The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes a hobby as “a pursuit outside one’s regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation.”

As we transition into our senior years it is our interesting and fun hobbies that will keep our minds and bodies active. Now is the time to take a look at what interests us and what sparks our curiosity.

I don’t know about you, but I believe there is still so much to learn and do out there.

Enjoying fun and exciting hobbies is a great way to increase our happiness and help us achieve our highest potential.


now that the kids are grown we have more disposable income to pursue our own interests.

Benefits of hobbies

There are many benefits to engaging in hobbies regularly.

Hobbies help us structure our time more efficiently.

They are a fun vehicle in which we meet new friends with similar interests.

Hobbies make us more interesting as they give us more topics to discuss with others.

Indulging in a hobby can also be a great stress reliever and even teach us new skills that can carry over into other aspects of our lives.

Sometimes when we are experiencing mental health issues, hobbies can give us an outlet and help us heal.

When my husband and oldest son were deployed to Afghanistan in 2009/2010 I relied heavily on my hobbies to get me through my fears and worries.

My hobbies gave me something else to focus on, which was essential and very therapeutic.

Choosing a hobby

When choosing a hobby, think of the types of things that interest you or maybe skills you would either like to learn or improve upon.

Ask yourself:

  1. Do you enjoy competing?
  2. Do you prefer to do things alone or with others?
  3. Is there a particular skill you would like to develop?
  4. Do you want more physical activity?
  5. Were there things in childhood you would like to do again?
  6. How would you like your hobby to challenge or change you?
  7. How much time can you devote to your hobby?
  8. How much money can you invest in your hobby?
  9. What types of people would you like to interact with?
  10. What benefits would you like to gain from your hobby?

Types of hobbies

There are many types of hobbies. If you had hobbies when you were younger maybe you would like to pursue those again now you have more time.

Physical hobbies 

Physical hobbies increase both your heart rate and brain function.

They also contribute to lower blood pressure, build muscle, strengthen bones, and aid in weight loss not to mention an overall increase in energy and sense of well-being.

Physical hobbies could include sports, walking/running, swimming, tennis, golf to name just a few.

Emotional/Mental hobbies

Pursuing hobbies is a fun way to improve mental health and emotional well-being.

Hobbies are a great way to relieve stress and the demands of our busy lives.

Anytime we are mastering a new skill it significantly raises our self-esteem.

Hobbies associated with improving mental and emotional health include gardening, cooking, painting/drawing,



Every community has hobby groups that meet socially. There is the church quilting club for those who like sewing or groups that enjoy attending local museums or art galleries.

By joining a group you will meet new friends that have similar interests.

Social activities could include playing music, local book clubs, eating out in new restaurants, seeing movies, and more.


Hobbies For Women Over 50 - knit and crocheted giftsSome hobbies really allow us to explore and develop our creativity. These types of activities could include writing fiction, knitting or crocheting, quilting, cake, or cookie decorating.

The thing I like best about creative hobbies is you can give the completed project away as a gift.

All of my grandchildren will be receiving hand-knit or crocheted gifts this Christmas. They love them and I create different patterns each year.


Some types of hobbies offer the opportunity to learn a new skill or become more proficient at a skill we already engage in. For this type of hobby try and think of what you want to learn or improve upon and then find a hobby that will enhance those skills.

For example, if you wish to become a better public speaker join a local Toastmasters club.

Other hobbies in this category would be cooking, meditation, travelling alone, journaling, or volunteering.

What are my hobbies?

Because I love the outdoors so much, my hobbies tend to change with the seasons.

In the spring, summer, and early fall I love vegetable gardening, hiking/running outdoors, sailing, swimming, bicycling, and rock climbing.

Since I live in Canada, I can’t easily pursue these hobbies in winter. My garden would be covered in snow, in fact, it is snowing now as I write this.

My winter hobbies include sledding with the grandkids, snowshoeing, skating, knitting/crocheting, and reading.

Of course, year-round I enjoy cooking and am always trying new recipes. I also love baking and decorating cakes and cookies for family birthdays and other special occasions.

Final thoughts

It isn’t difficult to think of hobbies for women over 50.

Think of activities you enjoyed when you were younger, you likely have more time now to pursue those activities.

Try to think of things that interest you or skills you would like to improve.

There are hobbies you can do alone or with others.

Once you find a hobby, have fun and enjoy it, find others who share that interest and learn from each other.

Now is the time to fully pursue and enjoy your interests so get out there and find a hobby that excites you and energizes you.

“I am not in any way a medical practitioner, please do not rely on the information on our website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or another healthcare provider. We only share our experiences.”

What hobbies do you have?

Have you joined a local group who also enjoys that hobby?

Share your experiences with your own hobbies in the comment section below. Who knows you may just inspire me to try something new.


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4 thoughts on “Hobbies For Women Over 50”

  1. Hello Deb – I never gave having a hobby much thought until reading your article. You are so right about engaging with other people with similar hobbies, keeping your brain active with new skills, especially “Pursuing hobbies is a fun way to improve mental health and emotional well-being.” This is so needed now with the quarantine level here in California going back up to purple.

    Your post has set the passion in me to get out and enjoy more hobbies that I’ve forgotten I enjoyed. Thank you.

    • Thanks for dropping by Nancy. You are correct in that hobbies are necessary now more than ever while we have these COVID restrictions. Here in New Brunswick we just went back to the orange phase, we were in the yellow but we have had quite an increase in cases lately. Hopefully, we can be back to yellow for Christmas. Hobbies keep our minds active which is so essential right now. Happy to hear I inspired you to pursue your hobbies. Take care and stay safe.

  2. Hobbies are so important to well being! many people I know are learning a new language in groups because it apparently helps keep their brains active.

    My hobby is aero gardening, I like doing little projects that I hope will work out and if they don’t I try to find an answer. There is also university for seniors, they pay a yearly fee, attend lectures and learn but they don’t have to sit exams.

    You’re never too old to learn something new!

    • Hi Yvonne, you are right, especially now in these difficult and uncertain times, hobbies are more important than ever. If that hobby can also supply you with food, so much the better. Learning a new language sounds fun and is something I have been thinking about lately, perhaps the time is now. Thanks for suggesting it. I am also on for little projects around the house, yard, and boat. It definitely keeps my mind active. Seniors university also sounds fun after all life is about learning, isn’t it? Take care and stay safe.


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