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Our family is still within the first year of our grandson’s Type 1 Diabetes and have been constantly on the lookout for “Type 1 Diabetes Books”.

Being educated is key to understanding this disease and how we can best manage it when he is here.

I found I can save my daughter a lot of time if I can recommend books to her, saves her having to search when she is so busy with the day to daycare of her five-year-old Type 1 son.

We have found Alex enjoys when we read stories about other Type 1 kids. It helps him to not feel so alone in his daily struggles.

Educational Books

Think Like a Pancreas: A Practical Guide to Managing Diabetes with Insulin by Gary Scheiner

This is a comprehensive resource for the millions of people with insulin-dependent diabetes, revised and updated. Few books are focusing on the day to day struggles of the insulin-dependent. Diabetes educator, Gary Scheiner provides the necessary tools to help you “think like a pancreas” to successfully master the art of matching insulin to the ever-changing needs of the human body. This book talks in plain, easy to understand language, and covers such useful information as:

  • daily blood glucose monitoring and control
  • finding the best insulin program to match your lifestyle needs
  • up-to-date medication and technology information
  • new insulin formulations and combinations
  • dietary recommendations
  • and so much more.

“Think Like a Pancreas” is the insulin user’s go-to guide.


Diabetes: A practical guide to managing your health by Rosemary Walkers & Jill Rodgers

Type 1 Diabetes Books - DiabetesWhether you have diabetes or know someone who does, this book will clearly explain exactly what is happening in the body of the diabetic. It gives clear explanations and helps you understand what is normal and when to seek immediate medical help. I would recommend this book for clear concise answers to your diabetes-related questions. It is only when we have gained a clear understanding of diabetes that we can improve the way we live with it.


Type 1 and pregnancy

Type 1 Diabetes Books - pregnancy with type 1 diabetesPregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes by Ginger Vieira and Jennifer Smith CDE

This book is a must-have for any pregnant or wishing to be pregnant Type 1 Diabetic. Both authors are T1D’s who both went through successful pregnancies. This book is full of advice, tips, and encouragement for T1D’s who are anxious about their journey into motherhood with T1D. It is commonly known that pregnancy causes increasing hormones but with Type 1 Diabetes the insulin needs are constantly changing as well. This book will guide from conception through the postpartum phase. I highly recommend it for any T1D going through or planning to go through pregnancy. Don’t let the typos scare you off, the information is priceless.


Diabetes and Pregnancy: A Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy for Women with Type 1, Type 2, or Gestational Diabetes by David A. Sacks

Type 1 Diabetes Books - Diabetes and pregnancyThis newly revised edition contains all the information you need to plan, conceive, and deliver a healthy baby. This book covers meal planning, exercise, insulin therapy, and monitoring as well as other subjects related to pregnancy, labor, and delivery. If you are a T1D and are planning or experiencing a pregnancy I recommend picking up a copy of this book.


Children’s Books

Year One with Type 1: A True Story of a Boy with Type 1 by Mike Suarez

Type 1 Diabetes Books - year one with type oneEvery child reacts differently to a Type 1 diagnosis. This book clearly explains the journey through symptoms, diagnosis, and learning to live with Type 1 Diabetes from a four-year-old perspective. I would highly recommend this book if you have or know a child recently diagnosed with T1D.


The Ups and Downs of Audrey May by Missy Mareau Garcia

Type 1 Diabetes Books - the ups and downs of audrey mayThis is the story of a nine-year-old who has traveled extensively throughout the world but has never attended a school with other kids. She is quite nervous about that but soon realizes being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes is much scarier than going to a new school. With the loving support of her parents and sister, she gets through the ups and downs of learning to live with diabetes.


I’m Still Me Can’t You See by Valerie Hergenreter

Type 1 Diabetes Books - i'm still me can't you seeHave you ever wondered how children perceive themselves and their families’ reactions after being diagnosed with diabetes? It’s tough fighting diabetes, a disease that they might not understand and certainly can’t see. I’m Still Me—Can’t You See? is told through the eyes of a child conquering diabetes. Together you will find inspiration and peace as you fight an invisible disease. This book reminds us that kids are still kids and diabetes is a hurdle and not the end of the race. It is the perfect gift for any T1D child.


Books  for Parents

The Type 1 Life: A Road Map for Parents of Children with Newly Diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes by Jessica Freeman

Type 1 Diabetes Books - the type 1 lifeAs a parent of a child newly diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. While everyone’s journey with Type 1 is unique this book helps parents understand how to tell friends and family, navigate school and sports, help your child learn independence and self-management as well as helps in dealing with the emotional side of Type 1 diabetes. It even covers preparing for college and adulthood. Every T1D parent should pick up a copy.


Highs & Lows of Type 1 Diabetes: The Ultimate Guide for Teens and Young Adults by Patrick McAllister

Type 1 Diabetes Books - highs & lows of type 1 diabetesThis book is a must-have while navigating both the teenage years and young adult life. Whether it is managing mood swings, hormones, or blood sugar levels, Highs & Lows of Type 1 Diabetes is the ultimate teenager’s and young adult’s handbook for surviving, thriving, and flourishing with T1D during one of the most terrifying, yet exciting, phases of your life. I highly recommend ordering your copy today.



There are currently plenty of Type 1 Diabetes Books available to help navigate the scary and confusing world of Type 1 Diabetes.

While many of the suggestions will also work well with Type 2 or Gestational Diabetes as well, some aspects are very Type 1 specific.

There are books to help parents learn how to care for their Type 1 child, there are books to guide through the turbulent teen years, there are even books from a child’s perspective to help the newly diagnosed child feel less alone in their battle.

I love reading so in my opinion books are the perfect gift for any occasion or even just because they are fun to read.

If you know someone with Type 1 Diabetes of any age, order a book today for them, I am sure they will appreciate it.

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