What’s the Difference Between Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes

I needed to know What’s the difference between Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes. I knew mother was Diabetic but I had no idea there were different types of Diabetes. Last June when my grandson was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes I set out to learn the difference. Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes are … Read more

The Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook Review, Product Overview

Product – The Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook Price – $37.00 Where to Buy – Click here to purchase. (not sold in stores) Guarantee – They have this awesome 60-day guarantee. My Rating – 9.5 out of 10 The Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook, Product Overview Even though this website is focusing on Type 1 Diabetes it is worth mentioning … Read more

Travelling with Type 1 Diabetes

With careful planning, travelling with Type 1 Diabetes is not only possible but can also be enjoyable. Good planning includes talking to your health care provider and doing a little research before leaving, careful packing, and knowing about airport security Planning is Crucial Travelling to new places can get you out of your normal routine—that’s … Read more

Type 1 Diabetes Exercise Guidelines

Regular exercise is an important part of every healthy lifestyle, however, it can be challenging for a Type 1 Diabetic. Exercise significantly affects the blood glucose levels so here are some Type 1 Diabetes exercise guidelines to help. While it is wise to check with your physician before adding any new exercise program this is … Read more

Diabetic Birthday Cake Recipe

Our Type 1 Diabetic grandson was having a birthday, a pretty big deal to most kids. I typically host the family dinner for birthdays and so I needed to find a Diabetic Birthday Cake Recipe with the flavor and style my grandson requested. This promised to be my biggest birthday challenge to date. I love … Read more

Why is Carb Counting Important for Type 1 Diabetes

With our grandson’s new diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes, we needed to fully understand Why is carb counting important for Type 1 Diabetes. It is common knowledge that we all need carbohydrates in our diet. They are the main source of our energy for doing the things we want to do. However, to a Type … Read more

Monitoring Blood Glucose Levels

If we are going to give our daughter and son-in-law that much-needed break then we need to master the skill of monitoring the blood glucose levels of our grandson. This means mastering the dreaded finger poke. As shocking as it sounds, it doesn’t take long before it becomes a normal part of everyday life. It … Read more

Grand-parents and Type 1 Diabetes – What We Learned

In this article, I would like to invite you to follow us on our journey of discovery as we learn about grandparents and Type 1 Diabetes – what we learned is that through the scary and often confusing world of Type 1 Diabetes it isn’t so bad. With a few adjustments, life can resumes pretty … Read more


Welcome to our website, we are Rick and Deb. It became extremely important for us to learn and understand all we could about Type 1 Diabetes when our precious young grandson was diagnosed. I spent countless hours online gathering as much information as I could find about Type 1 Diabetes. Amazingly, I found all kinds … Read more