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Kids Learning Activities - school at homeThese days with schools closed and children’s usual activities suspended it can be a challenge to come up with creative kids learning activities in order to keep them occupied with creative and educational activities.

I know they need to spend some time on their academic studies but why not balance that with a fun way to learn through play after all we all know kids learn most effectively through play so why not encourage it as much as possible.

There is any number of activities that can encourage learning and discovery in math, science, nature, and many other interesting topics.

It is a bonus if that learning can also stimulate the child’s creativity and imagination. It is so much more fun to learn by building something or mixing something.

These experiences when shared with a parent or sibling can be exciting and fun memories that last a lifetime.

Make Learning Fun

Kids Learning Activities - kid and science

Learning is a skill that we will carry with us throughout our lives which makes it essential to make learning fun.

Making learning fun not only motivates us to learn but also helps us remain motivated and focused on the subject.

Learning a new skill stimulates neurons in the brain. More neural pathways formed means electrical impulses can travel faster across them as we attempt to process new information. Faster moving impulses means faster learning and a possible reduction in the risk of dementia later in life.

Having fun has a very positive effect on our motivation levels and determining what we actually learn and how much of that knowledge we retain.

Learning is not a one-time event, it requires repetition and dedication.

If the process of learning is boring we will get bored and our minds will drift off preventing us from learning.

However, if the experience is fun we tend to remain curious and keep returning for more information or experiences in order to learn.

This is true for children and adults alike.

As adults, we have trouble learning new things if the subject is introduced in a boring way, how can we expect our kids to learn in a boring environment.

Make it fun and they will love learning throughout their lifetime.

How Does Play Stimulate LearningKids Learning Activities - learn by playing

In the early years, children learn through play. Studies have shown that play actually strengthens the brain’s neural pathways, which creates both flexibility and potential for learning. Play helps with the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development of children.

With very young children learning very often involves the use of their whole body. Running, dancing, climbing, and rolling all develop muscles and fine motor skills necessary later in life.

Children build and develop their emotional and mental muscles when they create imaginative worlds with complex rules governing the play.

Role-playing helps children build social skills and become the kinds of adults who can thrive in various personal and professional environments.

It is important to encourage our kids to learn to ask questions, express themselves, work with others, and take creative risks while retaining their natural curiosity and never lose that wondrous excitement of learning something new. This can only be achieved by making learning fun for children.


Kids Learning Activities

With children spending more time at home due to the closure of schools because of COVID-19 it is important they have plenty of opportunities to learn through play. While structured learning is important we must remember that kids learn best through play.

So yes, spend part of the day with the structured lessons the schools and teachers want them to learn but why not balance that with some fun forms of learning.

There are several activities that encourage learning such as:

  • bake with your child
  • build something with Lego or blocks
  • listen to music and have a dance contest
  • build birdhouses or a bird feeder and learn to identify the different types of birds that come to your yard
  • draw a map and go on a treasure hunt outdoors
  • make a list of things to do together when things open up again
  • let your child plan and help them prepare the family supper

These are just a few suggestions to get your own creative ideas flowing.

Green Kid Crafts

When I came across Green Kid Crafts I was so excited. This is a subscription program that is really exciting.

Kids Learning Activities - kids green craft kits

Each month a new parcel will be delivered with fun activities to help kids learn while having fun exploring the age-appropriate lessons in a variety of subjects.

With some activities, the kids will have fun independently as they discover new things and explore their creativity.

Other activities will require Mom and/or Dad to have a more active role and this can be some fun, exciting, learning times together building memories for a lifetime.

When our children were young I found it exciting watching them discover the world around them. I cherished being a part of that and now enjoy learning with our grandchildren.

The kits are available for different age groups so the activities are always age-appropriate so kids from 2 to 10 + can have fun learning right at home.

They will quickly anticipate the arrival of the next box so they have new fun things to learn and explore.

In my opinion, this makes a perfect gift for children or grandchildren.


I found it can be quite challenging to constantly come up with fun Kids Learning Activities.

So when I came across Green Kid Crafts I was so excited.

Because they send new activities each month it really takes the pressure off parents to be constantly finding new things for their kids to do.

The kids get so excited anticipating the arrival of the next parcel which is fun in itself.

Then they get the fun of opening the box and seeing what has arrived this time.

Then the fun of doing the activities and learning.

The kids are busy having so much fun they don’t even realize they are learning but the lessons stick with them because they were fun.

When children learn through meaningful play they develop a sense that learning is fun. This will carry through life and they will find themselves constantly wanting to seek out new knowledge and experiences.

This keeps us healthy and youthful. It is scientifically proven that by keeping our brains actively learning we can often avoid developing dementia later in life.

I hope I have helped you find some creative ways to encourage your children and grandchildren to have fun while learning about the world in which we live.

Thanks for dropping by and please share your own ideas for creative, fun learning in the comment section below. Give the gift of learning today.

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  1. Thanks for this great article!
    I often struggle with keeping my 2-year-old entertained these days, so I end up switching on the TV for her. I was recently feeling guilty of that so I’m really glad I found your post:)
    The Green Kid Crafts seems like a fun idea. Do you think my daughter will enjoy it if she’s only turning two next month?
    Take care:)

    • Thanks for reaching out. I have also fallen prey to turning on the television to entertain the kids when they were young. Not ideal, but I get it. We do run out of ideas to keep them busy. I think your daughter will love Green Kids Crafts and it is affordable especially since it arrives with everything you need to complete the activities. They do have activities for as young as two. Naturally at that young age it will require more parental involvement than the older ages. Still the activities will be fun and educational. She will look forward to the arrival of the next months activities. Unpacking the box to see what has arrived is as much fun as the activities themselves. I wish you and your daughter well on your journey of discovery. Take care.


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