Jewellery Making Bead Kit Review

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I came across this fun Jewellery Making Bead Kit so had to try it out with the grand-kids. We had a lot of fun. Let me tell you about my experience with this kit. Since my site is about grand-parenting a Type 1 Diabetic you might be wondering what making jewellery has to do with my grandson, well actually a lot. these days it is quite popular for all kids to want to make “friendship bracelets” for their friends. Our grandsons as well as our granddaughters enjoyed this fun craft.

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Product – PP OPOUNT Jewellery Making Bead Kit

Price – $ 26.99

Where to Buy – Click here to purchase (not available in stores)

My Rating – 8, the kit is smaller than expected and was lacking a few tools but otherwise was great.

Having grand-daughters of varying ages does create a few challenges when trying to come up with craft ideas they will all love. My daughter has a 12 and 15 year while one of our sons has twin 10 years old and an 8-year-old daughter. He also has 5-year-old twin boys but that is another story. With these girls all being at such different ages I thought we could give jewellery making with beads.

I discovered that the girls all loved making jewellery. They were making bracelets for each other and so I thought it would be a great idea to see how they liked beading.

This handy Jewellery Making Bead Kit I found keeps all our supplies handy and is easy to take along for boat trips or time at the camp. It is a perfect activity for those rainy days when you can’t be outdoors.

A bonus would be the fact that it helps develop their fine motor skills and well as help improve their hand-eye coordination. I’m a big supporter of activities that help encourage their development.

What Is Included

This is a complete kit and contains: Jewellery Making Bead Kit Review

  • about 1200x Beads
  • about 10x Charms
  • about 50x Findings
  • 1x Small Scissors
  • 2x Elastic String
  • 2 x Elastic Nylon Cord
  • 3 x Hair Clasps
  • 2 x Kids Rings
  • 2 Pair Kids Stud Earrings
  • 2 x Jewellery Storage Bags
  • 1 x 3-Stage Box

And it even includes extra girls stud earrings and rings.

The Beads

Jewellery Making Bead Kit Review

There was a good assortment of beads in fun colours and shapes. The beads in this kit are designed with young girls in mind. My younger granddaughters (10 and under) really loved all the beads.

I purchased another kit that had various glass beads and the older girls preferred those. They did use a few of the more whimsical and fun beads from the previous kit.

The older girls preferred some other beads that were not a part of the kit however they did use some of the fun whimsical beads included in the kit.

Plenty of Fun for All Ages

Like I mentioned earlier my granddaughters are of varying ages and they all had a great time making bracelets and necklaces. It is a common request to make jewellery when they visit. We not only make jewellery but priceless memories that the girls will carry with them for years to come. Because of the beads being so small this kit is definitely not recommended for kids under five.

Clean Up and Storage

Clean up is a breeze especially since the kit includes the handy storage case and there is no glue or paint to have to wash up. Just pack it all up and lock your trays together and put in the closet. Because everything can be stored so compactly this is perfect for small spaces. The case has a handle so it is easily taken anywhere which is so handy.

Makes a Great Gift

This kit makes a fantastic gift for younger girls who would like to try making jewellery. It will stimulate their creativity and help develop their fine motor skills with hours of fun.


In my opinion this a great kit for girls between 5 and 10 years old. Older than 10 and I would suggest a kit with regular glass or wooden beads. My older granddaughters prefer the more “grown-up” look.

The storage case is certainly handy for a quick clean up and easy convenient storage of all your supplies. I have found that when the girls are making jewellery they are staying off their electronics and actually talking, laughing and joking with each other.

I would definitely recommend thisĀ Jewellery Making Bead Kit for younger girls.

Click here to check out the Jewellery Making Bead Kit.

Have a ton of fun making fun jewellery and wonderful memories together.


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