Insulated Sling Backpack-Review

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If you are constantly on the go this Insulated Sling Backpack makes a great grab bag for your essential Diabetes supplies to take with you.

While our grandson doesn’t yet venture into the big world alone yet, this is the perfect pack for us to carry his essentials when taking him out on adventures.

Being  a cross body backpack makes it so convenient to just grab and go.

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Insulated Sling Backpack
Product: Insulated Sling Backpack

Price: $39.99 + shipping

Where to Buy: Purchase here

My Rating: 9 out of 10


Room for Everything

In my opinion this is the perfect bag for carrying Type 1 Diabetes essential supplies with you for a day of adventure. Insulated Sling Backpack

This bag has a large open area designed to hold your glucose testing case, glucagon kit, and snacks.

The back wall of the bag has an insulated slip pocket designed for an ice pack. This is great in summer so your insulin doesn’t overheat.

The front exterior pocket can hold personal items such as a cell phone, keys, or glucose tabs or some form of fast acting sugar snack to treat “lows”.

With our grandson we have found that giving him 5 skittles or a few sips of apple juice works quite quickly to treat those unexpected  “lows“, having them in the front exterior pocket makes it handy to treat him in a hurry.

There is even a mesh side pocket to hold a 16 oz. water bottle.

Comfortable to Wear

It is designed to comfortably wear cross body.Insulated Sling Backpack

I definitely prefer the cross body design because it is so handy to just turn it around to access something you need without having to completely take it off like you would need to do with a traditional backpack style.

The other thing I really like about the cross body design it that you can change whether the pack is at your front or back, making it more comfortable for whichever activity you are doing at the time.

Insulated Sling Backpack This makes it much more versatile than a backpack style so for me that is a huge plus.

Another big perk is that it could be used for non-diabetic related purposes such as taking a snack along on a hike. The pocket for the cold pack will keep your snack fresh.

My husband wears a similar style for his camera accessories when travelling and finds it very comfortable and convenient. He just swings the pack down around to the front where he can easily open a pouch to get access to it’s contents with out removing.

Easy to Clean

Since we spend a lot of time outdoors and are quite active it was important to me that the bag be easy to clean.

I have a front load washer and just tossed it in on a cold water cycle and hung on clothesline to dry.

That did the trick and now I feel better knowing that our precious grandsons supplies are in a clean bag ready for use.

Colour Options

I love that there are a few different colour options to choose from.

It comes in three choices:

  • purple/grey
  • blue/turquoise
  • green/grey

They are all quite attractive colour combinations so for me it was hard to choose. I do like the purple best though.


I have heard that this bag is not quite large enough for a pump and it’s necessary supplies.

I don’t have any experience to offer in regards to insulin pumps as our grandson does not have one.

The bag is suitable for what we need to carry for a Type 1 Diabetic child who uses a pen needle to administer insulin.


In my opinion this is the perfect bag for use as a Diabetic grab and go bag.Insulated Sling Backpack

It is large enough to hold the essentials but small enough to not be a burden.

The colour choices are a fun way to choose your own unique style.

The fact that it is a cross body design and can be used for different purposes makes it versatile as well as comfortable which is important when you are constantly on the go.

I would highly recommend this bag for anyone needing to carry essential Diabetes supplies all day.

Pick up your own Insulated Sling Backpack here and have fun on your own adventures.

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