How To Make Extra Cash From Home – As Grandparents

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As a retired couple and more recently grandparents of Type 1 Diabetic grandchild we wanted to learn “How To Make Extra Cash From Home”.  We wanted a little extra income to be able to help our daughter out with some of the added expenses of raising a Type 1 Diabetic child.

We thought of a little part-time job but we had to ask ourselves – Is that really what we want to do? Of course, the answer is a resounding NO.

How To Make Extra Cash From Home

  • Most places prefer to hire the younger crowd.
  • Increase store closures due to increased online competition and  COVID.
  • Not exactly anxious to sacrifice our freedom.
  • We wanted to travel, go see the grandchildren who live on the other side of the country.
  • Traveling for leisure as well is another dream. There is a whole world out there to explore and we want to do it while we are still young enough to enjoy it.

Extensive travel costs money, much more money than we can comfortably afford while living on my husband’s military pension.


We needed to bridge that gap.

Over the years we had tried different things but nothing ever truly gave us the freedom we were searching for.

When our grandson was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes I was searching online for advice on how to grandparent a child with Type 1.

I found all kinds of information and support for parents but nothing for grandparents.

This got me thinking why isn’t there a place for grandparents to support each other through this scary world of Type 1.

When my husband showed me an article about blogging I thought perhaps I could become that place I couldn’t find when our Type 1 journey began.

The more I thought about it the more I thought “Why not?”

And so was born.


Wealthy Affiliate

My husband first showed me this “Wealthy Affiliate” ad, I admit I was more than a little skeptical.

Click here to check out my husband’s “Wealthy Affiliate Product Review”.

There are plenty of people out there making money blogging but I didn’t believe I could.

I am certainly not a professional writer or anything. I was just a grandmother who wanted to help other grandparents find the support they need when they have a Type 1 grandchild.

The thing with Wealthy Affiliate is that you can join for free and they say you will actually have a website up and running before you complete your 10 free lessons.

How To Make Extra Cash From Home

We decided to go ahead and give it a go.

During the 10 FREE Training Lessons, I was amazed at how easily I could follow along and understand what to do and how to do it.

As far as computers go, I am pretty illiterate but even I was able to successfully get through the lessons with ease.


Create a Website

Like I said they give you 10 free lessons. They keep things simple so even someone like me who did not grow up with computers was able to follow along quite easily.

They give written instructions as well as a video showing exactly how to do each step.

Just a few simple steps and voila, my very own website created and live in less than 30 seconds, check out this amazing video tutorial.

Building a website in 30 seconds or less

WOW! This was so much FUN and Soooooo COOL and it even gives us some extra cash.

How To Make Extra Cash From Home

Oh yes, there is even a whole community of other bloggers available to help and answer questions at any time.

Even the owners, Kyle & Carson are very active within the community and you can reach to them with questions anytime, which is totally unheard of.


I Share My Story Through Blogging

So now as we go through our journey with Our Type 1 grandson I just write about our experiences and post them on our website to help other grandparents navigate the world of Type 1 Diabetes.

I have Alex every day after school while his parents were still working. This is both wonderful and scary. It is great to have so much time with him but it is scary to be solely responsible for his medical care while he was here.

It is so therapeutic to write about my experiences in learning to manage his Type 1. Wondering if I counted his carbs right, dosed his insulin correctly. All very real fears and I had nowhere to go for advice or guidance. As grandparents, we are not the primary caregivers and as such we are often left out of the loop.

Writing about caring for Alex’s medical needs, altering recipes to make them more diabetic friendly, as well as just everyday grandparenting fun activities, crafts si so much fun. Not every post is or will be Type 1 related but everything is about fun and adventurous grandparenting.

I take comfort in sharing our story and hope it offers support and guidance to others who may find themselves in the same boat.


Having Fun

As grandparents, we love to have adventures with our grandkids (we have 10). Only one is Type 1 which creates its own challenges. We need to care for his medical needs but still be able to treat him the same as the others.

We have found that in most areas everything is pretty much the same. We made some adjustments and I think we are all healthier for it.

Since starting our website I get double the fun with the grandkids. I get the initial fun and then I get to relive it when I write the blog posts for the site.

I have discovered that we can travel and have fun adventures with my grandchildren and I can write my posts anywhere. I just take my laptop with us everywhere we go and if I think of something to share I take a few moments and write something out.



When we discovered “How To Make Extra Cash From Home” I was so excited. We are not rich but this just enables us to do a few extra things to enjoy life a little more.

I have learned there is a “Summer Camp” for kids with diabetes, we want to send our grandson there when he is old enough. Thanks to this website we will be able to do just that and perhaps even send his sisters to a camp of their choice.

That training was so good we also have a second site up now already.

I also have some great ideas about future sites that we may put up. The sky is the limit and it really doesn’t take that much time.

Check out my husband’s Wealthy Affiliate Product Review here.


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2 thoughts on “How To Make Extra Cash From Home – As Grandparents”

  1. Hi Deb-I just love your story. It’s so refreshing to know that there are other people wanting a work from anywhere business. Your’s is so heartfelt and it shows love through your writing of your little grandson. So glad to have your site to remind me of what’s really important. Family.

    • Thank you Nancy for the comment.

      We have family scattered all across this country. We have three sons and my brother in Alberta, a son in Ontario, a daughter in New Brunswick, my husbands family in Newfoundland and I even have an Uncle and cousins in Arizona.

      We want to have the freedom to visit all family members yet also travel the world and see the wonderful sights with our own eyes.

      Being able to take our business with us really does mean the world to me.

      You are so right Nancy, family really is everything.

      Thanks again, I really appreciate you stopping by.



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