Birdhouse Craft Bundle – Review

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I am always on the lookout for fun craft projects to do with the grand-kids. Let me tell you about this “Birdhouse Craft Bundle” we had so much fun with.

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Product – Birdhouse Craft Bundle

Price – $49.99

Where to Buy – Click here to purchase (not sold in stores)

My Rating – 8 out of 10, the houses could have been a little sturdier, could have contained the hardware needed to hang/mount

I mentioned a birdhouse craft kit we did as a fun project we did with our Type 1 Diabetic grandchild and his sisters. I found some amazing kits on amazon and thought I would share my experience.

First of all, this project is great for everyone regardless of age or gender. It is a really fun activity that keeps everyone engaged and away from their electronics which is so important these days.

What You Get

Birdhouse Craft Bundle

This is a complete kit. I mean you get everything you need to create your own wooden birdhouse. They are Darice brand Finch 5 -7 inches.

The kit includes 6 different Darice brand Finch 5 -7-inch wooden birdhouses. Each of the 6 styles has its own unique design which I absolutely love.

Also, included is 16 – 2 oz. bottles of paint in fabulous colours. There is enough paint to paint these birdhouses but also another kit or two.

There were 3 foam brushes in various sizes that were perfect for full coverage.

There were also 10 assorted nylon tip brushes with round and pointed tips. These were perfect for the finer creative detailing to make each birdhouse unique.

There were even 3 6-well palettes to hold your paint so you could work with ease. The palettes held enough paint that you didn’t have to interrupt your creativity to reload the palette.

The Houses


Each of the birdhouses was a different design. This made it super fun and made for creative and unique painting. I definitely appreciated that they weren’t all the same. While the wood is thin, they seem well-built. They are nice and light for hanging or mounting


This kit contains 16 paint in really great colours. I love the fact that I didn’t have to go out and buy paint as well. That saves not only time but money as well. It can get pricey buying 16 individual bottles of paint. Having it included was quite a bonus. And they even included the foam brushes for basic coverage but also different styles of a nylon-tipped brushed for more creative painting. The 6-well palettes hold enough paint that you can complete the house without having to constantly restock the palette. This meant nothing interfered with the creative flow.

The kids totally enjoyed painting the birdhouses and they each added their own unique details to their birdhouses. They could really be creative and let their individuality shine.

The painting was by far enjoyed by my grandson on a day that his blood sugars were low so physical activity was out of the question that day.

Everyone was talking, laughing, and having a great time.

Clean Up

I found the clean-up was quite easy as far as getting the paint off of little hands. We didn’t have paint on clothing so I am unable to let you know about that, unfortunately. Simple soap and water did the trick for cleaning ourselves up.


I was disappointed that the kit did not contain any mounting or hanging hardware. Easily solved by getting my husband involved with that part.

To Sum It All Up

In my opinion, this kit is well worth buying. We had a great time building and painting our birdhouses. It is still a joy to look outside and see them being used. The kids got so excited to see birds going in and making nests. I love seeing the little pops of colour in the yard. Seeing real birds actually move into the houses is definitely exciting for kids and adults.

I heard about one lady who bought the kit for her husband who was recovering from a stroke. What a beautiful rehabilitation project, I hadn’t thought of.

If you are looking for a fun project check out this birdhouse kit. Well worth the purchase. I hope you enjoy building and painting birdhouses with your grand-kids as much as we enjoyed it with ours.


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4 thoughts on “Birdhouse Craft Bundle – Review”

  1. Thank you for this review, I love anything DIY so this seems like a great little project especially coming on to spring time. I’m glad you and your grandson had fun with this.

    • You’re welcome, yes it is a very nice little project. It’s one of those projects where you are looking for a little project to do but not too big of one. This works great for that. It’s also a practical project as well for outside to add some color to your garden.

      Thanks for the comment

  2. Hello – what a fun and engaging craft project for your grandchildren and you to enjoy. The kit sounds like it had almost everything needed, that’s a plus. The palettes sound size appropriate, having the paints included, I can totally agree with you, such a savings. You should take some pics of the kids checking out their own creations and frame it to look back on that day and you all can be reminded of that special time spent together. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for the great suggestion Nancy. When this virus is over and we can get together again I will definitely get some pics of the kids with their creations. I will add them to the site. Take care and stay safe.


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